The School has well equipped laboratories For Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Students are encouraged to use these laboratories to learn through experiments. Every year latest instruments, specimens, charts etc. are purchased for these laboratories. School has one Computer Lab well equipped with latest computer hardware & software configurations.

Computer Lab

Well equipped with latest computer hardware & software configurations. All the computers are connected to a dedicated server through LAN. Computer educations is provided to all the cadets. To generate further interest in computers, the students are encouraged to utilise computer Labs in their spare time. Office Package and software program is also being install in each PCs for better and smooth conduct of the class.

Biology Laboratory

In the biology lab, the students are tested their theoretical knowledge practically for its validity or truthfulness. In the Laboratory, students are given opportunity to learn by performing practical’s. Being a Science student they cannot do or learn without a laboratory.

Before the starts of the practical, students were given the knowledge of compound microscope i.e. parts of microscope and their uses and how to handle the microscope. While conducting experiments based on Ecology, Urine test etc, students are made to observe the ways of handling the glassware's and chemicals etc. students are instructed to perform the same experiment after I have conducted the experiment.

During the process of spotting, permanent slides showing different stages of mitosis, meiosis different types of plant sells such as Parenchyma, Collenchymas, and Sclerenchyma etc are shown to the students by observing through the compound microscope. While observing through the microscope, students are asked to draw the diagrams of what they saw through the microscope. They are then asked to compare the diagram that they saw in the Text Book and Practical Manuals.

During the timing of academic hour and non-academic hour, they are taken to the Science Park, Herbal Garden and surrounding areas for observing the models and different types of plant and animal species. They are also taught the importance of the different types of plant and animal species i.e. medicinal value and their role in maintaining the balance of ecological system.

Physics Laboratory

Laboratories are helpful in creating and promoting scientific attitude in the pupils. It provides a proper and congenial place for performing experiments and is helpful in developing a sense of cooperation among the students.

The physics lab is well planned and adequately equipped. In this room, scientific atmosphere prevails and creates an interest among the students in learning new experiments. It is an ideal place for carrying out demonstration and various scientific activities. The lab is provided with an almirah and a number of drawers for storing instruments. It also has a black board and a sink.

The physics lab is also equipped with instruments like Searle's apparatus, travelling microscope, sonometer, meter bridge, semiconductors, barometer, etc. which helps in providing the students with better outlook towards science. The lab also has instruments like transistor, LEDs, lens, primary cells, etc., which are used for conducting various activities and thus creating a deeper interest among the students towards physics. 

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