Dress Code

Student should respect and abide by the dress policies adopted by the Excel Public School. Neatness and cleanliness are encouraged on all time in the school.

Improper Uniform

Students are expected to be neatly dressed in the prescribed uniform. Students are liable to be punished for being in improper uniform (such as incorrect shoes, trousers, shirts, socks, cardigan, turban, tie etc. other than the color and prescribed design of the school).

Students will not be permitted to attend classes, if found in improper uniform. Parents will be called to take their ward from school.

Girls are not permitted:

1. Make up

2. Nail Varnish /long nail

3. Accessories on wrists, fingers and neck

4. Danglers or ear-ring(expected simple ear-ring-1/4 cm in diameter)

5. Untied hair-if shoulder length or more

6. Skirts above the knee( length should be as per school specification)

7. Coloured/ streaked hair

8. Tattoo

Boys are not permitted:

1. Long Hair

2. Being without a vest under the shirt

3. Earing

4. Fancy /goatee beards

5. Gelled/ coloured/ streaked hair

6. Accessories on wrist, fingers and neck

7. Tattoo


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